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We pretty much cover your advertising needs and this is why.....

Online and social media.

Included in our service we use the most successful form of advertising due to the reach that is second to none – Social media,

We produce videos of the finished magazines, and place them on our website, Facebook and Twitter, and with the help of the advertisers and the public liking and sharing our magazine and video, your advertising goes viral. Word spreads pretty quickly online. It truly speeds up the word of mouth process of generating new business.

Our magazines

Our magazines that are distributed through doors alone, unfortunately, have an unknown quantity that is disposed of and never read.

Most other magazines are distributed in this way, and this form of advertising still really works, but for it to work really well the print numbers have to be high in order to achieve the required results.

Local top traders.

Police crime prevention advice.
We currently deal with the Derbyshire police direct for this and will contact more police in the areas we cover.

Great Quiz games including sports quizzes for tickets to the town’s beloved team and family day/night events.

Lifestyle help for dieting, debt control, alcohol problems, gambling, depression, fashion and much more.

Our Concept

After Brexit now really is the time to keep things local and our magazines will feature local business promoting their service to local people.

 We will employ local people from the magazine coverage areas to work from their own home/office after a month of extensive training in our brand new office space in Nottingham.

Part of the profits will be put back into the areas it is made from and given to charities chosen by the local people,

Be proud to use local business is our motto.  To us, this means that your money is going to the local family man or woman that are building great businesses for the future and for the next generation in our great Britain.

We love our job, helping local businesses to grow and improve our economy.

The Benefits.

Quickly get more local exposure

Get found on social media

All magazines available online, through your door, on the website, facebook and twitter.